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Are you ready?

Talk about vulnerable… OK everyone… here goes…


Today feels like a turning point.  Why?  I have no idea.  But I’m called to write this morning; I’m curious to find out why.

So, what message is there for me today?  Pause, silence.

We are so happy you are open to receiving our messages.  This is a little freaky.  We know you are scared, but we feel great joy.  Who’s we?  You have been tapping into the energy of Archangel Ariel since you opened the book “Interview with an Angel”  It is now clear to you that we have been with you a long time.  We are Angels.

I feel a lot of fear around others reading this and what they might think of me.  The connection is lost.  Pause,  silence, opening.

Please don’t be afraid.  The words we are sharing with you are born of love, and will support you.  You are hurting lately, because you feel disconnected.  We offer a connection, no …  please try not to filter… we bring love.  We are so happy to work with you, because

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First, listen to the Mind
He tells stories
Ones long forgotten
Ones hidden away
Ones inherited over time
Ones of celebration.
The Mind works
To protect and plan
And search for answers.
Silence is required
To quiet the noise
And clarify the Truth.

Listen to the Heart
She sings of Love
In freedom and loss
In passion and fear
In appreciation and pain
In being known.
The Heart works
To nurture and inspire
Even amid hopelessness.
Silence is required
To hear all the voices
At the table of experience.

Listen to the Body
It carries wisdom
From ages past
From unhealed wounds

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