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What do you think this means?

After reading the lengthy introduction to “Interview with an Angel” this morning, I received this message:  Our challenge now, in this time, is to learn how to work collaboratively with our inner guides, and even more importantly to learn how to work collaboratively with each other, while being guided.  

My first reaction?  I’m so excited by this!  

How do I explain?  I’ve written 3 things here so far, none which I like or seemed to flow with any inspiration.  Do I need to explain?  No.  OK… but it seems to warrant an explanation.  No, that’s just you wanting to connect through ideas, which is fine.  Better yet, ask for others thoughts.  Fun!  OK…

So, what do you think this means?  

The Mindfulness Chronicles On “the psychology of possibility”

Mindset does matter… It can make us younger, more fit, more positive, more successful.

Don’t believe me?  Read this great article on the work of Ellen Langer which changed the field of social psychology and influenced economics, medicine, business, education and the arts.

Her research reminds me that there’s always another perspective, and once I see it, and especially if I believe it, I’m forever changed.  That is so empowering; I have control over this!  Just keep an open mind…

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