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Soul Fever Remedy

After running a marathon people expected to rest afterwards.  But somehow, if we run an emotional marathon, we are not allowed to rest, and if we do it is considered weakness.  

Rest and recuperation are essential to health and well-being.  Give yourself permission to be human.  Take a nap, read a book, enjoy a sunset, go for a walk, chat with a friend, savor a meal, unplug.


Sacred Land

Do not be overawed
by the knowledge of others;

Do not be intimidated by any Guru;

Do not feel you are less than anyone.

This is your journey.
There hasn’t been a journey like yours.
The country you are traversing is virgin country
and yours are the first feet to touch it.

It is improper to be intimidated by anyone here.

But it is proper to be awestruck
by this gift you have been given
by the power that flows through you
into your feet as they walk across this sacred land

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